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You can call me marymary's alter ego, but I think that's just your biases talking. Besides, if I'm anything alter, I'm her alter id. Me: fun. Her: all measured and careful and frankly a little judgy.

I loved Battlestar Galactica, then I loved Callum Keith Rennie. Then I set out on a quest to see everything he's ever put on film, which led me, of course, to decide to live inside his t-shirts forever. There's room, I'm fictional. Besides, silently worshipping from afar is so not owning your power as a woman.

Anyway, he's messed me up and I don't mind telling you about it. I'm out and I'm proud.

My traipse through the CKR ouevre also led me all this other great stuff, mostly great Canadian stuff which, who knew?

So this is the place where I keep all my BSG and CKR and Canadian-fandom icons and posts. Everyone is welcome except for mean people. If, while visiting my journal, you are mean to me or anyone else, I will unleash upon your ass a torrent of evil psycho CKR characters that will make you very scared indeed (and, oddly, a little turned on).