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Fantasy Dinner with CKR Characters

 misreall  recently posted a version of the fantasy dinner game to her journal.  The one where you imagine who you'd invite to dinner, if it could be anyone in the world. 

Then I got the giggles and started imagining dinner with CKR characters.  I thought I'd bring it over here.  Come on in!  It's pretty in here.  Maybe you'll have something to add. 



In my head right now is a Fantasy Dinner populated completely by CKR characters: Billy, Leoben, Mamet, Duck, Ed, Norman, Denny, Zero, Mike. You know why it's funny? NO ONE IS TALKING!


Oh, thank god, here comes Ray and Newbie.




I could imagine Duck sort of looking around, trying to find someone to talk to, but failing. And everyone kind of edging away from Leoben, but not really knowing why.


Yeah, Ray will talk enough for everyone.




Yeah, if they're lucky, Leoben will shut up and just look at Duck with the Face of Adoration.


Duck will feel very conflicted at this table. Once he's able to tune out the raw sex vibe coming from Billy's end, he'll be drawn to Mike, who is a beautiful, sweet, lonely guy. Just Duck's type. But Mike is emotionally healthy, and Duck can't ignore the tortured soul screaming on his wavelength from Mamet. In fact, Duck's gonna have to make time in his handyman schedule to follow Mamet around for awhile.


Zero comes in, walks once around the table, sneers at the stench of weakness, and leaves. He passes Newbie on his way out. Newbie whirls around and follows Zero, cause he knows an awesome TV character when he sees one.


Ray comes in and wants to know who's officionating this convention of mopes.




I'm resisting the urge to play the what-does-each-guy-order game because that will just become the monster that ate misreall's cool post.


But Duck would totally get the waffles.




Ok, now you’ve done it:


Newbie:  Frooty-Os.  Canon Frooty-Os.

Ray:  Cheeseburger and fries.  And pie.  (Gotta love a fictional metabolism.)

Fic Ray:  A banana, a corndog and a popsicle.

Zero:  Live puppies.

Denny:  Cigarettes (Not so much eating as licking.)

Ed:  Beer.

Norman:  Vodka.  But it’s for you.

Laramie:  Nothing with milk in it.  He’s lactose-insane.
Lew Ashby:  Whiskey and a blow-job.

Leoben:  Just cuts everybody’s food for them.

Mike:  Whatever you serve him, he loves it.  It’s really good.  And you’re beautiful.



Oct. 8th, 2008 12:45 am (UTC)
I'm trying to imagine the guest list I'd have if I were to invite only those CKRs I've seen so far.

Billy, Leoben, Zero and Mike. Ray and Newbie would stop by for cocktails, but, since I've seen only moments of their work....

Ray would be called away early to a case, and Newbie, alternately surprised and depressed by my bad electronics karma in general and my current lack of reliable and as-extensive-as-usual cable in particular, would take the opportunity to leave with him?

Billy, Leoben, Zero and Mike.

Huh. :)