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BSG: The Plan

Wow, I haven't been in here in a while! *blows dust off entries*

Hay, everybody!  I just watched The Plan and have the urge to talk about it.  marymarywisely decided that both "BSG" and "urges" fall in my playground, so here I am.

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CKR T-Shirt Picspam: Oh Yes I Did

Christina's still a little blue and so BECAUSE THAT'S JUST THE KIND OF FRIEND I AM, I volunteered to go through piles of pics of Callum and select a parade of t-shirts. 

It's the fuck it that makes it art, you know?  When he wears a t-shirt, it doesn't look like it was meant to be hot.  Except for THAT one *points to icon*.  Honey, we know you meant every bit of that one.

But mostly it's all very well-this-was-clean and what? it's just a t-shirt!  Except no, it's perfection.  

Not perfection?  My skills.  I have an extra cut there and it is hiding from me when I edit, so I can't delete it.  I'm bloody tired, so just click on the first one, ok?  Ignore the second one? Thxyrapeach.

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For Christina: The Healing Waters of the Picspam

So Christina has a few things to deal with lately, and she indicated that some CKR In Sunglasses might help. 

Seriously, looking at these pictures DOES make me feel better.  It think my HDL is up and my blood pressure is down and I know for sure my brain is awash in seratonin.  Hook yourself up to a monitor of some kind and see.

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Dinner Conversation

So a comment I wrote sorta turned into a ficlet and somebody suggested I bring it out here for easier access.  I'm not a writer, so be nice, ok?  It's just a ridiculous little thing.  

No really, it's deeply silly.

Oh, and I think this can be considered mildly spoilery for Wilby Wonderful.  And BSG.  But, like, the mini.

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Fangirls of the 101st Airborne Division

Hey, Other Friends List!  For those who don't know, I have two journals:  this one and marymary .  The flists overlap, but not completely.

For those only hearing me on this f-list:  I wanted to let you know that I'm queueing up a Band of Brothers discussion for November.  Details here: 

I would love it if any fans of Band of Brothers, old or new, would join in the discussion.  Feel free to friend me over there, so you'll see posts as soon as they're up.

Thank you!
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Fantasy Dinner with CKR Characters

 misreall  recently posted a version of the fantasy dinner game to her journal.  The one where you imagine who you'd invite to dinner, if it could be anyone in the world. 

Then I got the giggles and started imagining dinner with CKR characters.  I thought I'd bring it over here.  Come on in!  It's pretty in here.  Maybe you'll have something to add. 

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Happy Birthday!

Better fangirls than I have reminded me that this is the most special of all days.  So come on in and give him a birthday snog, won't you?

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